монитор в авто acv avm 1716 black

Brand N/A Model SJ-ACV056FB Quantity 1 Color Black Material Plastic + electronic components Features Wide testing range of AC voltage 0.56" 3-digital LED display Specification Testing range: 50Hz/60Hz 12V~50Hz/60Hz 380V; Working voltage: AC 12V~380; Error: 1%; Display color: Blue; Testing speed: >=200mS / time Application Alternating voltage test; Test the voltage for 220V generator; Monitor the output electricity of inverter; Test the voltage of other alternating current circuit English Manual/Spec No Other The housing is with buckle for convenient to install; Connect to zero line and live wire directly no need external power; Control the working current within 20mA can extend the lifespan of the LED Packing List 1 x Voltmeter (20cm-cable)

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