s05 4 lcd hud head up display system w speedometer obd ii cable for car black

Multi-functional HUD product developed based on OBD II interface; Has good cost-performance ratio; Easy nstallation and debugging within 3 minutes. Features: 1. Plug and play: HUD can auto adapt to vehicle type which is in line with OBD II or EU OBD (On-Board Diagnostic System); 2. Comprehensive display: HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows: vehicle speed(KM/H) / Rotational speed(RPM) / water temperature/Battery voltage/Idle speed and instantaneous fuel consumption/clock 3. Suitable size: 4 Inch display which is very clear for driver to read data; Automatic power on and off: starting with the vehicle starting stopping with the vehicle stopping to protect the vehicles battery. Moreover we pre- serve the hand switch function to control the HUD; How to install: 1. Place the mat to the front desk of the diver under the front windshield with adhesive surface. 2. Place the HUD on the mat adjust the view angle and position and make sure your vision clear. 3. Connect the OBD cable with vehicle OBD16 diagnostic port. 4. Connect OBD 12 pin USB port with the hostwhen the host was powered on the setting icon will light on. 5. Start the car then HUD power on system will play the voice at the same time monitoring data output

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